Need advice on actions before joining a room

I want to allow a player to create an account and login. The player will be able to unlock character classes and I want to make these available before the payer enters a room (battle).

Is there a way to achieve this before a room is made or should I just make a "lobby room" to handle this? Any tips on transferring data from the lobby room to the "battle" room? For example the chosen character class and what characters a player is allowed to choose from?

I've also not decided on any database tech yet so any advice here would be welcome.

Hi @plyoung!

You can make regular HTTP requests to achieve that.

Through express, you can create a route that will respond with the list of available characters, for example:

app.get("/characters", (req: express.Request, res: express.Response) => {
  // TODO: query the database here
    { id: 1, name: "Warrior", ... },
    { id: 2, name: "Mage", ... },

For the database, I'd suggest using MongoDB, which is schemaless and pretty easy to get running. You can also use a SQL database such as MySQL and use Sequelize which has a nice abstraction layer.