Hi all, I'm trying to find out which could lead to the server shutdown happening recently. Bellow is a case that you can see after an error occurred, the graceful shutdown progress started.

Error: room "SFuMjng78" not found
at new MatchMakeError (/var/www/Server/node_modules/colyseus.js/lib/Client.js:61:28)
at Client.<anonymous> (/var/www/Server/node_modules/colyseus.js/lib/Client.js:185:35)
at step (/var/www/Server/node_modules/colyseus.js/lib/Client.js:46:23)
at Object.next (/var/www/Server/node_modules/colyseus.js/lib/Client.js:27:53)
at fulfilled (/var/www/Server/node_modules/colyseus.js/lib/Client.js:18:58)
at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>)
at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:94:5)
left y9BSgj4jF vp1ZqNWC8
left y9BSgj4jF uGzjwVgVa
left y9BSgj4jF 9fOJ5SdoC
left y9BSgj4jF Yvip_paAz
left y9BSgj4jF JaRwqtFrR
left y9BSgj4jF lYL3rY1cm
left y9BSgj4jF igZyCtr8n
left y9BSgj4jF VG_XLxXhd
2023-03-06T12:03:32: PM2 log: App name:Server id:1 disconnected
2023-03-06T12:03:32: PM2 log: App [Server:1] exited with code [1] via signal [SIGINT]