One of the challenges when developping a multiplayer game is sync enemies through all clients and make them fight together. How would you manage this for an average enemy and an average boss ( with attacks ).

My approach is basically giving the first player to start the fight, the Battle leader role. Basically they are going to host the fight for the server. They will be the reference for the server.

Their job will be to send a and b variable to server. The server will then broadcast those values to client. They will pathfind and perform the movement there. So I don't waste bandwith on transfering the position of EACH enemy.

The battle leader will have the role of doing all the enemy AI and attacks. It will send message to server if enemy does special attack and client will try to reproduce it.

I still didn't try this approach though, I will shortly and will update on it.

Meanwhile, I want to know how you would do such a thing.

Thank you