Hi, I'm a Colyseus newbie so pardon my dumb questions.

The game we're developing on Colyseus and PlayCanvas runs within a corporate intranet. The players are facing issues after the corporate firewall cuts off the websocket connection after it sees say... 15 mins inactivity. For some reason, the clients have difficulty reconnecting when that happens.

Can I have some clarity on what the ping interval really means?
Assuming the default of 3 seconds for the ping interval:
Does it mean:
a) how often the server pings the client
b) how much time is tolerated for inactivity i.e. if the client don't make any calls to the server for a period of 3 seconds, it's considered inactive and it's given "retry" i.e. server gives the client another 3 more seconds, after which it is considered inactive.

In the context I described, I was thinking of doing a regular websocket "ping" to the Colyseus server every 30 seconds just to register some activity on the websocket. Do you guys think it's a good idea or it's really unnecessary?

Thanks for your tips/suggestions.