Hosting Multiple separate game on the same server (solved)


Is it possible to host several mini games where which one one them have their own logic (for example : chess game, sudoku game, tic-tac-toe game...) into a single server. The logic for each one of them would have a unique Room type and State type.

My team and I already have a lot of mini games on our current web platform and we would like to have a single server because it will painfull to create a new server for each of our current game and for the upcoming ones..



Colyseus is designed to serve games like what you said.
One type of game room is for one type of games.

Thanks @COCO ! Also, while reading the documentation I noticed that there was a maximum amount of players that a server can have approximatively, however is there a maximum amount of rooms?

I think it's up to the socket limit & memory/cpu of a server.