So i see and am using the joinOrCreate client option to join rooms.

But i dont quite understand the Lobby System and basic match making process.

I see i can simple call joinOrCreate from client with room name. But that dump everybody in the same ROOM TYPE (Deathmatch Logic room for example).

I think i can use the filterBy option with some like MAP as the key. So if i specifies the room option of = "Level01" for example only users who specified = "Level01" can see each other in the room, and when broadcasting messages from the server. they will only go to clients who also have the room = "Level01"

IF that is the case, i see how you cam make KEYS for room filtering.

But how does the LobbyRoom work... This there a process for say like hosting a room and having other join that session or what is the deal there.

Are there any detailed examples or documentation of REAL WORLD lobbies and matchmaking ???