Hey! if i have my own auth server (running on localhost), can i use client.Auth.Login("email","password") to get access token that I'll use in Room onAuth() ? Is there any available examples?

What you are saying is a bit unclear. I am not sure that you are running your own open id connect or oauth2 server locally so what are you running?
If you are running one, then you should be able to read up on how to validate the idtoken manually or find a library that does it for you.

If you are not running your own OIDC server then all bets are off and you just have to validate it using what ever function you can write up on your own.

But since you are running it locally then perhaps this is for dev/test purposes and you can just run your server in development mode where you just handwave the check inside onAuth.

Personally I use firebase login for my project which has a library that provides a verifyIdToken() function that handles the whole verification for me. Professionally I have rolled my own verification based on the OIDC standard and the OIDC provider we are using.

May be I'll explain more. So the problem is the following: when connect to the LoginServer + the json , it works perfectly. The req.body contains the json I send. I'm using Insomnia here. 0_1616986471155_bug1.PNG

But when using client.Auth.Login , It give me back "email or password incorrect". So I took a look at req.body and it's always empty.