Hi Everyone, - original HTML5 multiplayer game. Select your team Counter-terrorists or Terrorists and have fun!



Any suggestion and feedback are welcome.

Beta 2.04 update:
Christmas Event! Hit 200 enemies and get you reward: Santa's hat!

Wow, pretty fun!

What game engine did you build it in? I just found Colyseus and would love to use a javascript client as well to pair it with. Rather than using

Also, beautiful art! Did you have it done?


Had great fun playing your game. I was wondering where did you host your servers ?

Tyrus Shan

@crizzooo hi, thanks! for cliens side: PhaserJS. the art is made by my brother. :)

@Tyrus-Shan DigitanOcean, use my referral link to get free $10.

@AnubisCode Thank you so much for the quick response :). Great game once again keep up the good work :).

@tyrus-shan Thanks!

Greate game can you please tell
how many servers you are using ? how many users on each server ?

@umen we have 3 servers now (each droplet of DigitanOcean 1 vCPUs 1GB / 25GB Disk), each server can keep about 500-600 users, but it's depends on logic of your server.

Hi @AnubisCode is your 3 droplets using proxy server?