Hello, I am a senior in highschool majoring in computer science and I have a capstone project that will be based around Tetris. I will try to explain my project in the best detail for you guys. Basically, what I want the end product to be is a website that will have the classic singleplayer infinite Tetris mode as well as some other simple singleplayer game modes. However, I also want to have a mode where a player is able to connect online (using Colyseus) and battle against another player, similarly to the TetrisFriends multiplayer mode (if you are familiar). Are there any tips for doing this? I am open to all suggestions but specifically, I want to know what other tools I would need for making a website with the game on it (probably with JavaScript). Any detail can be helpful no matter how small it may seem; I am relatively new to projects like this because, during my academic career, I mostly learned about concepts in computer science. I know this is a relatively large project to be attempting but I am willing to learn the skills needed if I can get some guidance on starting and connecting the programs together. If anyone needs any additional clarifications to better understand my request, feel free to ask.