How to push a variable?

I have the following:

class ChatRoom extends Room {

constructor () {

  players: {},
  messages: [],
  roomname: []


In onJoin(client)...

//it works if I do this, I can retrieve the string in Unity.
this.state.roomname.push ('a room passed as string');

var roomname = {
roomName : 'a room passed as string'

//it doesn't work if I do this, I get a '1' as the result when i try to read the object.
this.state.roomname.push (roomname);

How do I push a variable?
I'm thinking like in . I can send currentUser, in Unity I use a Json deserialiser to read the contents.

var currentUser = {
socket.emit('move', currentUser);

Can I do something similar using this.state.roomname.push(currentUser) ?

My solution to this is using JSON.stringify to parse the variable into a string. I'm hoping there is a better solution.

var roomname = {
roomName : 'a room passed as string'
var text = JSON.stringify (roomname);
console.log("stringify text: " + text);

   this.state.roomname.push (text);