Hey! I just moved to Arena from a self hosted server i have been using for the past year. Self hosted was great but experiencing a large number of abnormal disconnects and was recommended to me to try arena as it could be load balancing / infrastructure issues. So here i am!

My problem is i patched the colyseus library to make the onLeave function have a 3rd parameter which is the "code". It works beautifully and gives me more insight on my onLeave function as to why the user left, so i can handle it differently based on the case.

However when i did "npm run build" on my codebase to generate the js library to upload to arena, my colyseus dependency modifications are gone. In fact it doesnt look like the colyseus library is in the /lib folder at all. So i assume arena links up its own which would get rid of my change. Any way around this?