Server Error: Seat Reservation Timeout

Hello Colyseus Community!

I have developed a room on colyseus that requires two players to play the game. We can say that a room is complete when two players have joined it.

The problem I am facing right now is that the first room works fine. Two players connect to the room and the game starts. The problem rises when I try to play the game from a third user. Instead of making a new room, I am given an error saying "Server error: Seat Reservation Timedout". On my arena panel, I am shown 2/35 CCU, which means I haven't exceeded the quota for connections. My internet is working as well, so the 15 sec default value for seat reservation timeout is not exceeded as well. I am using free plan for now.

Can you guys please guide me what might be the issue? and what do you guys need from me to get it solved?

I have tested the server throughly on localhost and everything seems to work fine. The problem arises when I deploy it to arena.

Best Regards.

Have you lock the room when all the players joined in?
Will you please share an sample project to me?
Thank you.