Documentation on deploying with HTTPS? (solved)

I would like to use the Arena cloud service for hosting the server, but it needs to be HTTPS enabled. Could you provide a guide on how to set this up with an Arena-hosted server?

Currently I am following this topic ( using self-signed certs from openssl but this gives me a ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID error when attempting to connect through wss.

How can I acquire a certificate for my Arena server?

The issue was that you should not specify the port 2567 when using wss.

However, I am now getting CORS errors attempting to connect.

EDIT: And that issue was that protobuf files don't seem to get copied into lib as part of the default build process. I had to cp them in myself.

I would still like to know however if it's possible to override CORS to only allow certain websites to connect.