localPresence not working on Powered Ascent (PA)(solved)

hello everyone ,I hope you are doing well, I have developed a colyseus project based on localpresence to communicate the rooms between them, I tried my project on the free plan it works but when I changed the plan it didn’t work, does localpresence not work on the PA plan ? , do I have to use the redis server?
when I migrated to the PA plan I started to see this error :


@COCO there is no alternative solution to communicate the rooms ?

No. I think RedisPresence is the best way.
You don't need to run a Redis server, Arena will handle this for you.

@COCO , if I understand ,arena already provides a redis server , but how I can use the redisPresence for my pub/sub events between the rooms ? , in the doc i found just that https://docs.colyseus.io/colyseus/server/presence/#redispresence-clientopts

Please import RedisPresence from colyseus package, and replace your local presence (default) with redis presence.
If you need some code, this is an example: https://github.com/CocosGames/ColyseusAudience/blob/master/src/arena.config.ts#L23
Please note settings of old colyseus may have a little differences with the latest one.
It's recommended that you test your project locally with redis presence and redis server before put it onto Arena.
Here're some tools: https://discuss.colyseus.io/topic/589/再谈-redis-presence

@COCO thank you for your response , there is no english version of this
topic https://discuss.colyseus.io/topic/589/再谈-redis-presence ?

Unfortunately no, but the tools at the bottom of the topic are English.