deploy client project in arena(solved)

hello everyone I hope you are well, I am a beginner at arena, I created two projects, a client-side project with threejs and the colyseus project on the server side, I put the /lib folder of my colyseus project in arena and I used the link in my threejs project but the problem that I run my client project locally in my pc, I think it's not the right method, I want to know how I can host my two projects in arena?

Wish this can help you.

@COCO thank your for your response again , if I understood correctly when I host my server in arena it provides me with the wss:// area_address so that I can use in my side client, the latter I can host it in a web host or arena ? , sorry for too many questions but i want to use colyseus arena in a big project and i want to understand well how it works


You're right and you are welcome. ❤️