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Python Flask with Colyseus

  • I think the answer is going to be "this is a bad idea" but I figure I should double-check.

    I've been developing a project on python flask, basically a game server. I have just started looking into multiplayer games and want to implement such a thing on the python flask server, and, coming across Colyseus seemed like a great way to go about it.

    Since I'm at the beginning of developing the multiplayer game, I figure it's best to re-analyze my software stack, just in case.

    Would it be a huge jump in complexity to use Colyseus and Node.js on my python flask server? I'm (obviously) not knowledgable about web development, servers or networking, just trying to learn as I go with this project. So any advice is greatly appreciated.

  • Hi @SpencerWF-0 , my two cents since I've started from scratch and without any experience as well: I would recommend you to keep it as simple as possible (mostly considering this would be a first project, right?), like single language would be better, NodeJS and a JS client could be much easier then the mix you've commented. Also, Colyseus is a full Game Server on it's own, it can handle all communications, though you will need to implement you own game logic on it, so I'm not sure how much it can be integrated with Python Flask (which I don't know nothing about).
    Hope this helps :)


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