thanks for the release, this is awesome!

I have an issue though, I'm getting error (RESOLED, see below) : colyseus.js: server error: Class constructor Room cannot be invoked without 'new'


client = new Colyseus.Client('ws://localhost:9090'); room = client.join('basic');


#index.js const colyseus = require("colyseus"); const http = require("http"); const express = require("express"); const app = express(); const gameServer = new colyseus.Server({ server: http.createServer(app) }); class BasicRoom extends colyseus.Room { requestJoin (options, isNew) { console.log('Quizzroom requestJoin: ', options, isNew); return true; } onJoin (client) { console.log(`BasicRoom - client ${client.sessionId} joined.`); } } gameServer.register("basic", BasicRoom); gameServer.listen(9090);

The documentation doesn't provide example in javascript, only typescript.
Is there something I'm missing?

I was running the server with nodemon server.js --exec babel-node and I should use nodemon server.js.
Everything is fine now.